How to keep your home, and you, safe

When people think about home security, they tend to think of electronic surveillance systems. However, there are other ways to protect yourself and your family from harm and intruders. I will give you my top ten tips for home security.

1] Windows are really the key to home security. Window-stays become loose or sloppy as they get older and sometimes you can get a window-stay to jump off its peg by thumping the outside window frame. Fit window stays locks

2] Doors must be robust, well-hung on strong hinges and have secure locks. Fit deadlocks, especially on exterior doors.

3] Spare keys should not be secreted near the door under a mat, a flower pot or a stone. If you want to leave a key with a neighbor, select the neighbor cautiously. Be wary of those with teenage kids, their friends may become aware that the spare key in the fruit bowl is to your house.

4] Tools that can help a burglar must be locked away. Keep your shed and garage doors locked and if you have a ladder, chain and lock it to a fixed point like a wall.

5] Dogs are helpful for home security, but they should not be relied on. Some thieves will poison a dog to get in. If you leave your dog in the house, get a box to fit inside your door to collect whatever comes in, lock the letter box closed or seal it off for good. If you leave the dog in the yard, try to get a neighbor to check up on it from time to time.

6] Plants and bushes should not be allowed to grow large enough to obstruct anyone’s view of windows and doors. Passers-by and ‘nosy neighbors’ are a big disincentive to thieves, but if no one can see a ground floor widow, the thief can gain access unobserved. if you do want bushes under your windows, make them tough, thorny ones.

7] Boundary walls or fences are your first line of defense. They can be a good deterrent if you get the style right. Some people embed broken glass into the top of the wall, but this can be against the law and can hurt unwary cats. The best thing to do is nail carpet-gripper just below the top, inside lip of the wall. Anyone putting their hands over the wall to pull themselves up will get a very horrible shock and leave DNA.

8] Valuables should not be put on show near windows. Your house is your home not a presentation case. Put your TV, DVD player and video recorder in a cabinet, maybe get a safe for your valuables but conceal that too.

9] External lighting is a key part of night-time security. Get exterior lights that are activated by motion (microwave) or heat (passive infra red), put at least one on each outside wall of your house.

10] Electronic surveillance systems are a necessity these days. You do not need cameras, but they are helpful for identifying intruders. Your home security system can be wired or wireless, monitored or not.

These top ten home security tips should prevent your home from becoming an easy target for burglars.




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